Hi, I'm Michele.

My mission is to cure busy business owners of shiny object syndrome by helping them to implement the super simple and scalable marketing strategies they need to spend MORE time doing what they LOVE in their business and less time promoting it!

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Are You a Current or Prospective Indoor Playground or Family Entertainment Center Owner? 

After 5 years of successful indoor playground ownership, I've put everything I know into a PROVEN blueprint for prospective owners to use to set their business up for success from the start. Get the secret weapon that sets profitable playgrounds apart from those that close!

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Hiring a Facebook Ads Manager?

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It's easy to feel overwhelmed in your marketing.

With a shiny new tool or platform emerging nearly every day-- most business owners feel like they need to do ALL the things all the time. But here's the secret-- your systems can be SIMPLE. Get access to the membership where shiny-object-syndrome sufferers unite, cut through the noise, and focus on what WORKS.

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About Me- Michele Caruana.


I'm a corporate marketing professional, turned local indoor playground business owner, turned online entrepreneur. As someone who was stuck on the marketing-hamster-wheel for years in her own business, my passion is now helping other local business owners simplify and streamline their strategies so they can get new sales, bookings, and clients while they rest.

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