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10 Ways To Save Money (And Get A Better R.O.I.) On Facebook and Instagram Ads For Your Service Based Business

May 17, 2024


In this article, we are diving into one of my FAVORITE all-time topics, and that is marketing your business. And to make it EXTRA exciting, we are talking about marketing and more specifically, advertising, in the context of one of my OTHER favorite topics- SAVING MONEY. 

If you’re a regular listener of my Profitable Play Podcast, you’ll know I am a HUGE fan of Facebook and Instagram Ads to grow and scale your indoor playground business in a cost-effective way....

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Reclaim Your Focus and Purpose as an Indoor Playground Business Owner

Apr 30, 2024


Since we are already nearing the halfway point of 2024, today I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions that I have gotten in the habit of asking MYSELF if I’m feeling a little distracted or unmoored in my work or personal life, because it always brings my goals and perspective back into focus.

And I have gathered these questions over the years from various sources, so while I will try to give credit where it’s due, I truly have no idea where I first heard a few of...

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Timed Open-Play Sessions Vs. Drop-In Play: Which Is Right For YOUR Indoor Playground Business?

Apr 10, 2024


When I first entered the family entertainment and indoor playground industry, the “norm” was for play spaces to just have set open-play hours where customers could come-and-go as they please without reservations. Our open-play hours, for example, typically from 8am-4pm on weekdays and 8am-12pm on Saturdays. During the weekday evenings and weekends we of course did classes, parties– all that good stuff– but here I want to focus JUST on open play hours....

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Texting Trends: Modern SMS Marketing Techniques for Indoor Playgrounds

Mar 26, 2024


In this article, we are talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of implementing a TEXTING strategy into your overall marketing plan.

And that line in itself might seem a bit dramatic, but trust me– a texting strategy done well can skyrocket bookings, traffic, and sales for businesses like ours.

NOT implemented well, however, a texting strategy can annoy customers at best, and at worst, cause them to disengage with our business completely– on all channels.


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Spring into Success: Hosting Mother's Day Vendor Events at Your Indoor Playground Business for A Revenue Boost

Mar 18, 2024


One way to get a revenue boost and increase in foot traffic and online awareness for your indoor playground business in the spring time is hosting a Mother’s Day “Sip-and-Shop” event. 

I gave some tips on these vendor events on my YouTube channel a few years back in 2021, but I am going to add some updated suggestions and tips here in this article.

If you prefer to listen, you can get this content on the Profitable Play Podcast episode 278!

First, what IS a...

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Navigating the Unexpected: 7 Ways Indoor Playgrounds Can Effectively Communicate Closures to Customers

Jan 16, 2024

Right now in New York, we are on week 2 of being snowed in, and something that’s been on the top of mind for everyone the last few days it seems is this:

If an indoor playground or play cafe business needs to close early or close for the day unexpectedly for whatever reason, whether it be weather-related or a staff call off or a personal emergency– how can we let our customers know in an effective way?

And if you’re reading this as one of my currently open indoor playground...

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6 Proven Marketing Tips to Boost Summer Camp Sales for Indoor Playground Owners in 2024

Jan 05, 2024

There may be snow on the ground right now where you live like there sure is outside my window here in New York but it’s that time of year again.  YES, it’s time to talk about summer camps.

And you may be thinking, “GEEZ Michele, it’s way too early for that, I’m still recovering from the holidays”-- but if that’s you, you’d unfortunately be incorrect. I can pop into any moms group in my local area right now and there are at least 12 posts...

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A Realistic End-of-Year Checklist for Your Indoor Playground Business

Dec 11, 2023

Something that I've always found as a business owner is that the stronger I end a year, the more powerful my launch into the new year is.

So even though we’re still in the first half of December, technically, I wanted to give you some action items to be sure you complete BEFORE the end of the year.

Now I know you’re busy– you’re probably juggling running your play space, attending all your kids’ holiday events, buying and wrapping presents, maybe hosting,...

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How to Legally and Ethically Employ Your Kids in Your Business (While Enjoying The Tax Benefits) With a CPA

Dec 01, 2023

In a recent video interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with  CPA and profit strategist Jamie Trull to discuss the legal and ethical considerations of hiring and paying our children in our businesses as owners.

This interview covers the various benefits of hiring your children (even as babies and toddlers!), age-appropriate tasks they can help with (like sweeping, organizing, light graphic design, modeling for social media images, etc!), documentation requirements, state and...

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Your Blueprint For Stress-Free, Insightful, and Productive Yearly Employee Reviews For Your Indoor Playground Business

Nov 17, 2023


While I love releasing fun and lighthearted content around the holidays, I do have some topics on my list here that we just have to get through before the end of the year, OK?

So grab a coffee or a glass of wine, because in this article we are talking about conducting year-end employee reviews.

I am going to give you some tips based on what worked best for ME, but I want to emphasize here like I do so often– please feel free to take from this article what feels...

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