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How to Legally and Ethically Employ Your Kids in Your Business (While Enjoying The Tax Benefits) With a CPA

Dec 01, 2023

In a recent video interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with  CPA and profit strategist Jamie Trull to discuss the legal and ethical considerations of hiring and paying our children in our businesses as owners.

This interview covers the various benefits of hiring your children (even as babies and toddlers!), age-appropriate tasks they can help with (like sweeping, organizing, light graphic design, modeling for social media images, etc!), documentation requirements, state and...

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Your Blueprint For Stress-Free, Insightful, and Productive Yearly Employee Reviews For Your Indoor Playground Business

Nov 17, 2023


While I love releasing fun and lighthearted content around the holidays, I do have some topics on my list here that we just have to get through before the end of the year, OK?

So grab a coffee or a glass of wine, because in this article we are talking about conducting year-end employee reviews.

I am going to give you some tips based on what worked best for ME, but I want to emphasize here like I do so often– please feel free to take from this article what feels...

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6 Tips For Making Your Indoor Playground or Play Cafe Facility Seem Larger By Maximizing Your Available Space

Nov 08, 2023


If you're planning to launch an indoor playground business but are finding it difficult to find a larger-sized location or if you are operating within a cost constraint (i.e. you don't want to pay a bajillion dollars per month in rent) and are planning a smaller-footprint space, this article is for YOU.

And if you're a current owner of an indoor playground facility or play cafe business and you're about to skip this article-- let me stop you right there.

MOST of these tips and...

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8 Amazon Favorite For Your Indoor Playground Business (Just In Time For Prime Day!)

Jul 06, 2023


As I am releasing this article it is July 7th which is JUST in time for Amazon Prime Day which begins on July 11!

And even if you’re reading this after it gets released– that's OK because Black Friday or another big sale holiday is right around the corner and this info can still be really helpful for you from someone who has spent MANY years searching for the best business related finds at the best possible price.

In this article I want to quickly share some of...

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5 Sneaky Places Money Might Be Hiding In YOUR Indoor Playground Or Play Cafe Businesses (That You Should Check NOW!)

Jun 27, 2023


In this article I want to share something that I have set up as a regular recurring task in my Asana task management software that has helped me ensure that I am not leaving ANY money or profits on the table in my current online business OR my indoor playground business.

Today we are talking about 5 places where money might be hiding in YOUR business, and I want you to add checking these places to YOUR task list– wherever you might keep it— either monthly or even more...

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Mastering Credit Card Disputes: A Guide for Indoor Playground Owners to Safeguard Their Business

Jun 06, 2023

As an indoor playground owner, I KNOW that it’s just in your blood to always want to create a safe and enjoyable environment for children and their families. 

However, despite your best efforts, there WILL come a time here and there when your customers just do nasty things. It’s usually not to attack you or your business personally– but it DOES happen.

So in this article, we are talking about one of the LEAST fun times to be a business owner– when a customer...

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Create A Summer Membership Offer That SELLS: Here's Your Marketing Plan To Boost Your Indoor Playground's Summer Profits

May 24, 2023


As the summer sun begins to shine, teachers eagerly await their well-deserved break from the classroom. It's the perfect time for an indoor playground owner to tap into this enthusiastic and adventurous demographic by offering special summer memberships geared towards teachers or anyone who will have more free time over the summer months.

Since many indoor playgrounds, especially in states with more mild summers, see a drastic decline in open play and parties during the summer, this...

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8 Alternative Ways To Boost Summer Profit And Accomodate Field Trips and Groups At Your Indoor Playground Business, Even With Limited Space!

May 21, 2023


Well, it’s May and that means field trip season is upon us.

Just the other day I chaperoned my son’s second grade field trip to the science museum and PHEW– it was a hectic day.

And it got me thinking about the various requests we would get at our indoor playground facility regarding field trips from daycares and preschools– as well as what worked, and what didn’t.

Because this is the beginning of the SLOWEST open play season here in New York, and for...

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When Customers Become Competition- More Tips For Handling Competition and "Copy Cat" Play Cafe Businesses

Apr 05, 2023

Running an indoor playground business can be a fulfilling and exciting experience. However, it can also be challenging, as all of you listening likely know, especially when a CUSTOMER expresses an interest in opening a similar business in the same area. 

I talked about this a bit in my YouTube video recently and I was so shocked because I got SO many comments both in play maker society and on YouTube letting me know that hey, I’m not the ONLY one who feels this way. So I wanted to...

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Revolutionize Your Family Entertainment Center Business with A.I. and ChatGPT

Mar 28, 2023



In this article we are talking about A.I. and chatGPT– something you’ve probably heard a TON about already in the news cycle. But if you haven’t, that’s OK– because we are going to start from the beginning.

The new tools available to us business owners are completely changing the game– and after testing them for MONTHS behind the scenes, I am ready to share my very best tips with you. 

And the best part? 

While there are a THOUSANDS...

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