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6 Tips For Making Your Indoor Playground or Play Cafe Facility Seem Larger By Maximizing Your Available Space

Nov 08, 2023


If you're planning to launch an indoor playground business but are finding it difficult to find a larger-sized location or if you are operating within a cost constraint (i.e. you don't want to pay a bajillion dollars per month in rent) and are planning a smaller-footprint space, this article is for YOU.

And if you're a current owner of an indoor playground facility or play cafe business and you're about to skip this article-- let me stop you right there.

MOST of these tips and...

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8 Amazon Favorite For Your Indoor Playground Business (Just In Time For Prime Day!)

Jul 06, 2023


As I am releasing this article it is July 7th which is JUST in time for Amazon Prime Day which begins on July 11!

And even if you’re reading this after it gets released– that's OK because Black Friday or another big sale holiday is right around the corner and this info can still be really helpful for you from someone who has spent MANY years searching for the best business related finds at the best possible price.

In this article I want to quickly share some of...

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Utilizing Visual Signs and Schedules At Your Play Cafe or Indoor Playground Business

Apr 11, 2023


It’s April and that means it’s Autism awareness month! And while I already have an entire 5-episode series on better accommodating autistic kids and adults at your indoor playgrounds you can find beginning with episode 93 of the Profitable Play Podcast, there are a few more things I think are important to share, especially things I have noticed as I have been traveling a lot this year visiting different facilities and seeing even more of what works and what does not work.

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Is Your Scarcity Mindset Restricting Your Indoor Playground Businesses' Revenue Potential?

Apr 02, 2023

A few weeks back I interviewed the amazing Amanda Bybel on my podcast and on YouTube, and we talked about money mindset and we also discussed the different insecure attachment styles we may have with our business, and she also gave us some tips for moving towards a place of more confidence and a more secure attachment style so we can start charging what we’re worth, prioritizing and valuing our time, and really growing and scaling our businesses.

I loved the conversation so much...

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My 3 Favorite Things About The Indoor Playground / Play Cafe I Visited Yesterday!

Nov 09, 2022

In this article (which is a reader-friendly version of my Profitable Play Podcast episode 131 which you can listen to here), I am going to quickly share three things I loved about my recent visit to Cafe O Play in November 2022! Now, I could truly list dozens of other things– but I want to keep it simple so that you can walk away from reading this with actionable takeaways you can implement in your own indoor playground, play cafe, or family entertainment center!

This was an extra...

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2 Ways To Increase Cafe Sales At You Indoor Playground AND Reduce Staff Overwhelm!

Apr 04, 2022

One of the biggest reservations I hear from play space owners who are nervous to install a full cafe in their space is,

“well, I can’t afford to hire additional staff a cafe would require..."

If you haven’t listened to episode 55 of my podcast yet, go back and listen to it because I break down this objection in painstaking detail, but today I want to share two ways with you that you use to dispel this fear even further.

And just to recap ONE point from episode 55 in case...

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UNPOPULAR OPINION: Launching a Business in 2020

May 03, 2020

It’s May 2020, and we are right in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis and all of the uncertainty that comes with it.

I’ve been paying attention to the conversations happening on podcasts, YouTube channels, and inside Facebook groups, and I’ve actually been quite surprised at the comments being made.

Understandably, a lot of people are feeling scared and stuck, and like their dreams are on pause.

However, the surprising part to me is that a lot of prospective business owners...

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Questions to Ask A Potential Mentor, Business Coach, or "Expert" BEFORE Hiring Them

Apr 19, 2020

Whether you are looking to start or grow a business, you will have many options along the way in terms of accelerating your path to success.

There are free resources like blogs and YouTube, paid educational products and programs like online courses, as well as coaches or consultants that work one-on-one with clients.

This is a good list of questions to consider whenever you decide to invest in a mentor, expert, or “guru”, whether you are only investing your time (to watch their...

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Alternative Title: Will COVID-19 Have a Permanent Impact on the Indoor Playground and Family Entertainment Center Industry?

Mar 24, 2020

I’m writing this on March 24, 2020- while we are smack in the middle of a global health crisis. I live in New York so we have been quarantined for just over a week, and indoor playgrounds around the country have been mandated to close until further notice.

While “social distancing” seems to (so far) be “flattening the curve”, so to speak (with the main aim of “flattening the curve” being to prevent a sharp peak of cases and spread out the infection...

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Tips for Opening a MOBILE Play or Party Business

Mar 06, 2020

As I mentioned in my blog about the important trends I see emerging for indoor play spaces in 2020 and beyond, Mobile Play services are a great option for thinking outside the box and either generating an additional source of revenue for your brick and mortar indoor playground OR for raising funds to start a brick and mortar space.


Specifically, what I referred to in my “Important Trends” blog are businesses that bring a mobile soft play...

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