8 Amazon Favorite For Your Indoor Playground Business (Just In Time For Prime Day!)


As I am releasing this article it is July 7th which is JUST in time for Amazon Prime Day which begins on July 11!

And even if you’re reading this after it gets released– that's OK because Black Friday or another big sale holiday is right around the corner and this info can still be really helpful for you from someone who has spent MANY years searching for the best business related finds at the best possible price.

In this article I want to quickly share some of my Favorite Amazon finds for my indoor playground business because these are some of the brands and items I would always be on high alert for come Prime Day or black Friday.

And while the deals this year haven’t been announced yet– these are times I have snagged successfully at a discount in the past so I’d still bookmark them or add them to your cart and continue to monitor the price because ya never know– even if they’re not included in prime day deals the sellers may decide to have their own sale sometime soon or like I said they might be discounted for another holiday.

And before I dive in, I wanted to share 2 quick BONUS tips– 

If you shop on amazon regularly for your business- sign up for a business account especially if you’re buying any items to resell (so you’re not paying tax when you don’t need to!) AND consider an Amazon credit credit card.

My Amazon card gives crazy cash-back rewards on Amazon purchases and since I found so many items I loved on Amazon for my business (which you’ll hear about in a moment!) it was a no brainer for me.

The next quick tip is that if there is ANYTHING you use that is Amazon Basics brand– keep an eye out for a deep discount on Prime Day. I know in the past that they’ve put a lot of their own items on sale on these days so if you love those items as much as I do, keep an eye out.

Oh and by the way– if you listened to episode 112 of my Profitable Play Podcast and have an Amazon Associates account, meaning you earn money when someone clicks one of your links and buys an item– this could be a blog idea for YOU for next week!

Share some of your favorite toys or learning activities in a blog for your customers and include your affiliate links in there!

It can be super helpful and valuable to your audience, and you can make a few extra bucks– win-win, amirte?


1) Furniture

You likely already know that about 18 months in to my indoor playground business, I realized that my current tables were JUST not working. We had spent many thousands of dollars on restaurant furniture from a well known manufacturer and it was just a nightmare. 

They sent us black tables instead of the woodgrain I had ordered to match the aesthetic of our space, and instead of the rounded corners I had carefully ordered, they all had extremely sharp corners that were proving to be a massive hazard as they were at forehead-level for our young guests.

After I struck out on the original company offering replacements (or any support, really)-- I decided to hop on Amazon. And I really lucked out.

The tables and chairs we ended up with (linked here) were sturdy, easy to assemble, move, and clean, and fit our vibe perfectly.

Whether you’re furnishing a new space or looking for an upgrade, I highly recommend these tables.


2) New and Replacement Toys

If some of the toys around your space are looking VERY well loved, Prime Day might be a great time to snag some inexpensive upgrades.

The brands I always searched for on Prime Day were Green Toys, Learning Resources (especially for play food!), and ECR4Kids.

All of these brands can get pricey so saving as much money as possible on them was super helpful especially during our slower months when we had a bit less traffic but still wanted to keep our toys fresh and rotated as much as possible.

3) Paper Products and Cleaning Supplies

For a few years, the FIRST thing I would do when Prime Day began was scroll to the category section and click “commercial”.

They have a huge selection of paper cups (and lids, and sleeves), napkins and paper towels, rags, cleaning supplies, and really anything like that that we used in our space.

These items were typically cheaper for us to buy from a local restaurant supply company– but Prime Day deals would often beat them– so this was a perfect time to stock up on supplies, especially since Prime Day usually came right before our busy season where we would NEED the extra stock.

I always looked for things that were easy to store and didn’t expire– so that even if I bought too much, I wouldn't be wasting any money since we would use everything eventually.

And if you need a new mop or vacuum, trash receptacles, or anything larger like that– I would do those searches FIRST on Prime Day so you don’t miss out– because these deals can be gone in as quickly as an hour.

We also LOVED to save money by buying doggie poop bags instead of diaper bags since they were already SO much less expensive (yet still highly effective)-- and you can save even MORE by snagging them on Prime Day! Here's the brand we love.


4) Electronics

Aside from any electronic cleaning supplies you might need, Prime Day might also be a great time to upgrade some of the systems in your space,

For example, if you have been using a small cheap speaker that isn’t really doing the job when it comes to filling your space with the ambiance you desire– a larger, more robust speaker like this one should be on your list.

If you’d like to add a TV to your space to advertise your services OR rent some space out for other local businesses to advertise, I have seem some really great deals there as well.

So do a quick inventory– do you need a new register, a new laptop for your office, some new security cameras.. Anything like that? Make a list based on your budget and priorities and head to those sales first on July 11.


5) Socks!

While we did have branded socks that I adored, sometimes to save a bit of money we just wanted to sell plain ol’ socks to those who forgot them– and we also knew how important it was to have a never ending stock on hand!

Prime day has been a great opportunity to fully stock up on socks, aprons, anything like that– so if you’re a plain sock gal like me, this is your chance to replenish your supply inexpensively. 


6) Convenience Items for Customers

If you provide diapers, wipes, etc for your customers in the bathrooms– Prime Day is a great time to stock up,  especially if you use Amazon Basics products.

And since you’re providing these as a courtesy, you likely are NOT super brand loyal– so if you see a great deal on any convenience item you buy regularly whether its sanitizing wipes or fidget toys– look out for those deals.


7) Party Supplies

If you’re like me and like to save as much money as possible while also reducing waste in your business– you probably love stocking up on reusable party supplies for your most popular themes.

So backdrops, maybe a metal hoop for your balloon garlands, centerpieces and  banners and figurines, things like that– are all worth checking out.

And if you prefer disposable– those items might be on sale as well.

I have also seen some really great discounts on holiday and themed event decor you can reuse at your events year after year.


8) Things To Expand Your Income

Speaking of events, have you thought about doing mobile events or rentals yet? If you need a tent or some flooring to do mobile set ups, I would definitely check to see if these items go on sale next week.

We were able to get a massive white tent with sides for an amazing deal on Prime Day several years ago– and while it was way more difficult to set up and tear down than anticipated so we ended up selling it years later– it was still a huge return on investment since we made up for the cost within 2 times of renting it.

If there’s a new revenue stream you’ve been thinking about tapping into but the cost has been holding you back– now’s the time to see if the stars align and give you a sign that NOW is the time to start boosting the profits of your play based business.



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