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Hi, I'm Michele Caruana.

Founder of Play Cafe Academy and al Profitable Play Courses and Programs.

I'm a corporate marketing professional, turned local indoor playground business owner, turned online educator.
As someone who understands how overwhelming and lonely operating a local business can be, my passion is now helping other family entertainment owners simplify and streamline their systems and strategies so they can:
  • Set Their Business Up For Success

  • Increase Profitability

  • Save Time

  • Create The Lifestyle They Desire

  • Open Multiple Locations, Franchise, License, or SELL And Start A New Venture!


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Client Testimonials And Reviews:

These are just a small handful of our client success stories--

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👤 Tracy, Owner of Poppy Tots Play Cafe in California
"I can't imagine how much money I've saved in just in planning and research. Anything I needed, it's right there for me"
👤 Alera, Owner of Project Play in Texas
"If you think Michele's free content is valuable, wait until you see inside her paid courses and membership!"
👤 Krystyne, Owner of Sweet Peas Play Cafe in Indiana
"I have saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars and know I am way ahead of my local competitors"
👤 Tal, Owner of Art Factory and Play Cafe in Virginia
"Michele's program has been such a blessing to my business and has been SO worth it"
👤 Alicia, Owner of Gentle Hands Play Space in Florida
"This course helped me with things I would not have even thought about. I highly recommend Michele"
👤 Laura, Prospective Indoor Playground Owner
"I submitted the business plan I created with Michele's template and won a state contest for funding!"
👤 Michelle, Owner of Tree House Play Cafe in New York
"If you are thinking of taking the plunge, I'm so happy I did! Michele has tons of practical and actionable advice to see results NOW"
👤 Tiffany, Owner of My Play Cafe in Missouri
"Michele has been walking with me since the beginning as my business mentor and it has been SO worth it. We just had our best month ever"
👤 Renee, Owner of Mezanmi Play Cafe in Michigan
"Michele Shares Victories AND Low Points So We Can Learn from Them. I just now have opened my second successful location!"
👤 Jeremy, Owner of Playbound in Chicago, IL
"I was blown away by the return on my investment I got with this program. It was almost instant and ended up being 10x worth what I thought.
If you're on the fence, just make the investment. I am so glad I did, even though I had already been researching for years on my own."
👤 Gloria, Owner of Looma Space in Los Angeles, California
"It's so amazing that all the resources I need, are there. Whether I need a marketing question answered or whether I want to find out how to hire and retain employees, or if I have a question on the POS [Point of Sale System], everybody has been through it."


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Michele Caruana

Founder of Play Cafe Academy + Indoor Play Expert

After 5 years of successful indoor playground ownership, I've put everything I know into a PROVEN blueprint for prospective owners to use to set their business up for success from the start. Get the secret weapon that sets profitable playgrounds apart from those that close!

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"I have been following Michele since 2019 and I’m a Play Cafe Academy Alum as well as a member of Playmaker Society and THIS PODCAST IS GOLDEN!!! As an owner the very actionable tips given in these bit size podcasts are SUPER easy to implement-and that is what I have learned is key to success IMPLEMENTING!"


Owner of Sweet Peas Play Cafe

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