A Successful Business Starts With a Solid Foundation.

Michele would LOVE to share the expertise she's acquired in her 10 years of business experience-- ranging from corporate marketing to brick-and-mortar business ownership to online entrepreneurship and course creation! Michele provides practical, actionable, specific strategies YOUR audience can use to set their business up for success.

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Avoiding Facebook "Jail"

Help your customers get their ads approved (and avoid getting a rejected ad or banned account!) with these examples and tips.


Adding Digital Products To Your Business

Teach your audience how to leverage courses, ebooks, and MORE to scale their revenue!


Paid vs. Free Content

Help your listeners distinguish which content should be available FREE and which they should charge for.


Going From Brick-and-Mortar to Online

How I took a struggling indoor play business to profitability, and created a course to help other owners!



  • How to create a sustainable Facebook Ad strategy (or ANYTHING Facebook Ads!)
  • How to build an email list of your ideal customers
  • How I use YouTube for lead generation & engagement 
  • Mistakes I see holding business owners back
  • Red flags I look for in a business plan
  • How niching down helped scale my indoor playground business
  • How I sell my courses with webinars and challenges
  • How paid workshops transformed my online business
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