13 Frequently Asked Birthday Party Questions We Get At Our Indoor Playground!

Hosting a birthday party at Climbing Vines is a guarantee that your child will have a unique and fun experience! Every one of our packages includes a private rental so you can enjoy our play cafe with just your guests. Each party is completely individualized and we accommodate for nearly any sized event.

Whether you’re considering hosting a part in our indoor playground space or are looking to create your own indoor playground birthday party package, below are some frequently asked questions (and answers!) about our birthday parties. 

1) Can I change my package choice as the party gets closer?

That’s fine! We send out a final party questionnaire 10 days before your event to get the details regarding your event. At this time you can make any changes you like. You can also add-on food, coffee & tea, or an extra 30 minutes to your event. If you don’t have all the answers when you receive the questionnaire, don’t sweat it! You have until 5 days prior to your event to make changes.

2) Do you have high chairs and booster seats for use?

Yes! We have six high-chairs and several booster seats for you & your guests to utilize.

3) We have a large party. How should we structure food-serving?

We always recommend (but for large parties especially) that hosts put all food out on the food counter just before guests arrive. Some guests will arrive hungrily, and some will have just eaten, depending on the timing of your event. Allowing guests to graze as they become hungry (or when their little ones need a break from playing!) ensures that all guests will have a seat when they choose to eat and avoids congestion around the serving area.

4) Can we bring our own food & dessert?

Yes! You can bring homemade food, store-bought food, and/or outside catering. The only restriction we have is that we are a nut-free facility, so we do NOT allow any food with nuts of any kind.

5) Can we bring alcohol?

Yes, but PLEASE be responsible and sensible. Per your contract, you are responsible for serving your guests. We are unable to serve alcohol and are not responsible for monitoring guests’ drinking or their behavior. We are not responsible for monitoring underaged drinking.

6) Are there restrictions on the types of decorations we can bring?

Just a few! Refer to your party contract for details, but the big ones to note are: 1) we don’t allow anything to be taped onto the painted walls and this includes command strips, sticky tac, or ANY adhesive; 2) We do not allow piñatas due to our high ceilings; and finally, 3) We do not allow any unnecessary rearranging of furniture or existing wall decor.

 7) Do you have a freezer or ice?

We do not. We do have a cooler you’re welcome to use, but you must provide your own ice.

8) When do I pay my balance?

You can pay your final balance on the day of the party before you leave. If you’d like a detailed receipt you can request one at any time. We accept cash or credit cards. We do NOT accept personal checks. You may tip (optional) in cash or on a credit card.

9) When can I arrive for set-up?

You can arrive 30 minutes before your party begins to set up, and our party assistant(s) can help.

10) Will I have to worry about other parties or customers in the facility during my event?

Nope! ALL our parties INCLUDE a totally private rental of our entire facility. Yay!

11) Will my guests be required to wear socks?

ALL guests entering the play-area will be required to wear socks. If they are not entering the play area, socks are not required.

12) Will the coffee/ espresso bar be open during my party?

YES! Every party is staffed with a trained barista and our entire cafe menu will be available to order. There are 3 choices to structure this): 1) You can purchase unlimited coffee & tea ($35), but specialty drinks are not included; 2) You can have guests pay for their own order if they would like a drink (most common); 3) You can add guests’ orders to your party tab.

13) Can I drop off my decorations for you to set up before my party?

YES! We love setting up for parties and want you to be able to truly enjoy your child’s special day and want to make it as simple as possible. We would be happy to get your decorations started before you arrive. Please make sure your bag/ box is labeled with your last name and date and any specific instructions you may have.


If you have additional questions, please email Michele at [email protected] OR read our list of frequently asked general quetions.

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