Play Cafe Academy and Play Maker Society Review: Gloria From Looma Play Space in California


"I wanted to take this opportunity to share how Play Cafe Academy and Playmaker society has helped me launch my business.

At first found Michele through her YouTube videos and I realized, okay, I need to take the leap and just go through the course and see if this is something for me. But that was just the beginning, because the [Play Maker Society] Facebook group has really been instrumental.

I can hear from other play cafe owners throughout the entire country, and see how they're doing things. I learned a lot from tips and even just how successful they are. A lot of them are opening second and third locations-- and it's given me that motivation that I needed to continue on this path.

It's so amazing that all the resources I need, are there. Whether I need a marketing question answered or whether I want to find out how to hire and retain employees, or if I have a question on the POS [Point of Sale System], everybody has been through it. So we all share tips. And in the case that we need anything further, Michele has been great about finding the right people to provide us with more information. 

I would say that this [Play Cafe Academy] has been amazing for me. I would say that in addition to everything that I've mentioned so far, the podcast that she has, the YouTube videos, the search engine function in Facebook ( where I can literally type in anything and somebody probably has already made a post about it. And there's a lot of good feedback going back and forth.)--

Those things are the ones that has helped me realize, okay, this is the path that I want to take, even though there are some challenges, because I can see that a lot of people overcame those challenges and now they are doing amazing and they're a vital part of the community.

And all of that was shown to me through the Facebook group. So thank you. If you're a play cafe owner and you're watching this as well, thank you because through all your support and all the tips that you have provided in the [Play Maker Society] Facebook group, it's motivating a lot of new play cafe owners like myself. Thank you so much."


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