How Our Indoor Play Facility Stands Out From the Rest

Indoor playgrounds are gaining popularity because they offer comfortable and secure play areas, and they give kids a chance to burn energy regardless of weather conditions.

As more play cafes begin to pop up around the country and in our own neighborhood, we want to remind you how we think Climbing Vines Cafe & Play is different from other indoor play spaces...

Climbing Vines Cafe’ & Play is a place for parents to bring their children for low-key, imaginative play while they can indulge in a gourmet coffee and snacks, interaction with other parents, and some much-needed unwind time. We strive to add as much value to our customers’ experience as possible. After all, why pay to play if we only offer things children can find in their own homes?

In our play area, find toys and activities that are continually rotated to ensure new experiences each time a child visits. Our intimate play area offers a less overwhelming experience for those that desire a more relaxed and enclosed play environment. So parents don’t have to worry about their small children falling from crazy climbing structures or being crowded by too many other children or running and absconding their view.

Speaking of falling, in case of an accident, each of our staff members is trained to handle emergency situations and make sure that each customer receives the best standard of care and attention.

We believe that play is the best way to learn and grow; let them be little, be silly and have fun! But we also host staff-led activities that are always fresh, inventive and exciting for our guests. Our enrichment classes and special events contribute to the value of the play experience and are much less expensive and more casual than similar class offerings in the Greater Rochester area.

After the play is over, our staff goes to work with their cleaning skills. We are clean freaks! We have several sets of toys (play food, for example) in our back room and are constantly rotating “used” toys out for a freshly cleaned set, and beginning the cleaning cycle all over again. Our deep-cleaning process, performed multiple times per week, is incredibly detail-oriented and something we are proud of.
We also have several sanitizing stations around our space for our customers to grab quick germ-relief.

We’re proud to offer a full service coffee bar that rivals even the best in the business. Parents can skip the drive-thru and come right in for their morning cup-- or two. After all, who needs caffeine or a sweet treat more than busy parents, right? 

Behind the bar, find coffee based drinks (café au lait, regular coffee, Red Eye (aka "New Parent"), cafe & cocoa), espresso based drinks (latte, espresso, mochaccino, cappuccino, cafe breve, cafe mocha, cafe americano), flavored milk steamers (at kids temp for little ones!), chai lattes, and hot tea (at least 8 varieties always available!)

We partner with local suppliers as much as possible so customers can always feel warm and fuzzy about spending their money with us. Our cafe proudly serves Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters. Plus, our healthy options are both parent and child friendly. Children are visible from all areas of our cafe, so parents can actually sit and relax while they let their children play and don’t need to worry about chasing them around for the duration of their visit. Our cozy space allows for this in a unique way, which we LOVE!

Not interested in something at our cafe? No problem! Bring your own snacks and enjoy them from the comfort of our lounge. Not sure if we can accommodate you or your child's needs? We cater to restricted diets and most allergies. Please see our allergy-friendly snack menu! You can always call or email at least 24 hours before your visit and we'll do our best to make sure our facility has something you can munch on.

This is just one of the ways we showcase our “come as you are” attitude. Our small scale helps us provide these personal touches, which is maybe our biggest differentiator. At Climbing Vines, we work to know our regulars by name. We love to offer personalization to customers like placing “Happy Birthday” or a “Congratulations!” message on our vestibule screen or having a specific fan favorite juice in our cooler.

Our success truly lies in the details and in each extra mile we go for our customers.

And this doesn’t stop at open-play, either-- we go above and beyond “the norm” for ALL of our birthday clients as well!

To book your next event with us and receive the highest-level of service, click here!

If you’re interested in learning more about opening an indoor playground of your own, take our FREE one-hour class here!


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