Play Cafe Academy and Play Maker Society Review: Jeremy From Play Bound in Chicago


If you've been on the fence about joining Play Cafe Academy...

You need to hear what new Play Cafe Academy student and Play Maker Society member Jeremy had to say about the program.

What I love about Jeremy's story is that he had been working YEARS on his business plan and considered himself an industry expert... And it took him a few weeks to decide if the investment would be worth it.

But after already going through EVERY lesson, he found that he still found incredible value in the honest REAL-LIFE (sometimes good, sometimes not-so-good, sometimes VERY bad) experience I do my best to share.

And it's not just my insight that's helped. Jeremy also loves that there are 3+ years and tens of thousands of comments and coaching calls with myself AND other owners & experts to search through inside the membership.

So much so that he says he thinks he got about 100x MORE value than the price he paid to join. And Jeremy also speaks right to my heart when he says how much he appreciated all of the data, numbers, and evidence-based recommendations he found inside the course. But don't take my word for it... let him tell you his story for himself!

I am so thankful to have people like Jeremy in my community. He has already contributed so much in the little time he has been a member. Listen to what Jeremy had to say for yourself and join us inside of Play Cafe Academy and Play Maker Society today.


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