Play Cafe Academy and Play Maker Society Review: Tracy From Poppy Tots Play Space in California


“Hi, my name is Tracy and I am the owner of Poppy Tots Play Cafe here in Novato, California. I just wanted to talk about Play Cafe Academy and also Play Maker Society–

Both of these things being literally the most invaluable thing I've ever come across as far as opening this business and having the confidence and being as prepared as humanly possible for a business that is so unique.

I started watching the YouTube videos a few years ago and just sort of eased into it then decided to make the jump to get the whole [Play Cafe Academy program].

Having Michele walk you through literally every piece of what it takes from the very beginning planning stages to the financing, to getting insurance– all of that, and then just see it all the way through to now–

Now what I'm utilizing is the policy and procedures manuals, the checklists, things that you would never, I think in my opinion, would think about in such a niche business.

There's no real path like it. 

If I didn’t have someone like Michele who has taken the time to put all these things together and present them in a way that is so easy to absorb– things that I have been able to go back to hundreds of times– 

There's no way I would have the confidence to open our space.

Poppy Tots Play Cafe has been open 2 weeks now- so we are still working through those policy and procedure lessons again and again, make sure that we're adjusting them to [our specific business needs].

The best thing about the Play Cafe Academy is that you will be prepared for [whichever type of business you open, whether or not you have a cafe or full menu]. 

I can't imagine how much money I've saved in just in planning and research.

[Anything I need],  it's just there. 

It's there. I can find it. I can go back to it a hundred times if I need to and re-watch the videos. 

The other part of it is that Michele, being as accessible as she is, [I like being able to reach out to her directly and will get an answer from her].

It’s not just like buying a course and then you're on your own.

And that kind of feeds into the Play Maker Society. 

There’s so many different types of people in the Play Maker Society group who are so willing to help you, to give you advice, to answer your questions, [and even to] vent about certain things.

 So you don't feel like you're the crazy person that's just going through this thing [alone].

So that is also a piece that I will continue to hold near and dear to me and will hopefully be a part of it for years and years to come.

So thank you to Michele and [everyone inside of] Play Maker Society and Play Cafe Academy. I would not have this space that you see behind me if it wasn't for all of you.

Definitely do it. You won't regret it.


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